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Helpful Pest Control Tips

Advice for Nuisance Animal Control in Michigan

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Whether you own a home or business, keeping your lawn tidy does more than create aesthetic appeal. Getting rid of rocks, wood, and piles of brush naturally reduces the prevalence of snakes, rodents, and coyotes. With fewer such places to hide, prey animals will avoid your property, which will in turn reduce the presence of predators that feed on them.

While clean landscaping is an effective first step for preventing nuisance animal interest in your property, it can only do so much. Once an infestation occurs, you’ll likely need the services of professional rodent exterminators or wildlife control specialists to treat the problem. Contact Creature Control today for effective and humane animal control services.

One of the most important ways to reduce the presence problem animals on private property is also one of the simplest: don’t feed wild animals. Some animals like foxes and deer may seem cute, but even one can quickly cause larger problems such as endangering your pets and disrupting natural ecosystems.

Pet food and garbage cans are some of the most common human-introduced food sources for nuisance animals like possums, raccoons, bears, foxes, and coyotes. Sometimes bird feeders can even count as a food source for deer and small prey animals, whose presence may result in attention from dangerous predators. If you’re concerned this may be the case, take your bird feeder down and contact Creature Control for an inspection and a customized protection plan that allows you to safely enjoy Michigan’s wildlife.

Using fencing to enclose gardens, drains, culverts, and the crawl spaces beneath decks or porches can help defend your property from groundhogs, woodchucks, beavers, muskrats, and other nuisance animals. By cutting off food sources, deterring tunneling, and excluding areas that could serve as hiding spots or dens, you discourage the natural habits of these animals and drive them away from your property. Specialists at a nuisance animal control company like Creature Control can help you identify and target problem areas for the most efficient and effective treatment plans.

Ensure any domesticated animals such as chickens or small dogs are kept inside safe areas or leashed and properly monitored. This includes outdoor cats, which can often cause greater disruption to external ecosystems when left to roam freely. Hawks, foxes, and coyotes are common predators for these domestic animals, but deer can also become aggressive in the presence of dogs when they deem them to be a threat. Talk to one of our professional exterminators today to find customized methods for protecting your pets and property from dangerous wildlife.

This step is important to protect your home against everything from bugs in the walls to chipmunks in the attic. An exterminator can help you seal up entry points for all manner of pests, and Creature Control offers uniquely comprehensive expertise for both insect extermination and wildlife control.

Additionally, hiring a professional pest exterminator can protect you from legal trouble and post-extermination issues. For example, all bat species in Michigan are protected by law and must be handled with care, and if they’ve bred, the babies can be difficult to remove. Creature Control offers years of experience and humane animal control services to handle delicate situations such as these, helping you avoid the hassle of legal trouble and any messy cleanup work.

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