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An image of a moth perched on a green waxy leaf.

Pests in the Pantry: How to Get Rid of Moths in Michigan

Moth infestations in Michigan can be a pervasive nuisance, infiltrating homes and destroying clothes, dry…

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An image of a person in a white hazmat suit, holding the nozzle of a tank sprayer under the edge of a bed.

Protecting Your Garden: Natural Pest Control for Green Thumbs

For homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, there’s almost nothing more rewarding than a verdant, flourishing garden.…

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An image of a rat in front of the corner of a door that’s been chewed on.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Pest Control vs. Humane Methods

There are a lot of options out there for homeowners who want to keep their…

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A skunk in a grassy yard searches for a mate.

What You Need To Know About Skunk Mating Season

Anyone who’s seen a skunk in a cartoon knows what to expect from one: a…

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A mouse in a pile of snow looks for a safe place to eat, sleep, and get out of the cold.

Getting Rid of Mice 101: Why Mice are a Bigger Problem in Winter

With holidays, good food, and hopefully some time off from work, winter is a great…

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A possum in the snow looks for a new place to live.

Your Guide to Keeping Possums Out of The Attic

As winter draws closer in Michigan, much of the local wildlife hunkers down for the…

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A spider web sits in the corner of some eaves inside a home.

Keep Your Home Spider-Free in Fall

Another fall season has arrived in Michigan, a time of year that consistently includes thousands…

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