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A rat pokes its head out of a hole in the wall.

Keep Rats Out of Your Home in Winter: Rodent Control Methods

When winter rolls around, Michigan homeowners know how lovely it is to nestle down in…

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a insect on the ground

Bees/Stinging-Insect Guide

As the weather warms up, more and more insects will start to become active. Of…

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a sunset in the background

Pesky, Invasive Birds and Spring Insects

Migrating Starlings Starlings have returned from migration and are probing and locating nesting sites. Common…

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a rodent standing on a rock

Understanding Ground Trapping

It’s now March, which means that the sap has begun to run in the maples,…

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a pile of hay

Use Common Scents with These Pests

Memorable and rightly feared for that particular, pungent odor (which humans can detect 3.5 miles…

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Why You Suck at Insect Control

Most people know that there are some pests that they just can’t control by themselves,…

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a raccoon sitting on a wooden bench

Raccoons are a Nuisance

Raccoons are one of the most destructive and mischievous pests, making them a massive headache…

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Evicting Long-Term Guests

There’s a good chance that at some point during the winter, you’ve experienced an infestation…

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a close up of an animal

Histoplasmosis & Bat Guano

When considering the potential dangers of bats, most people will know about the possibility that…

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