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An image of a person in a white hazmat suit, holding the nozzle of a tank sprayer under the edge of a bed.

Protecting Your Garden: Natural Pest Control for Green Thumbs

For homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, there’s almost nothing more rewarding than a verdant, flourishing garden.…

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An image of a rat in front of the corner of a door that’s been chewed on.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Pest Control vs. Humane Methods

There are a lot of options out there for homeowners who want to keep their…

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A skunk in a grassy yard searches for a mate.

What You Need To Know About Skunk Mating Season

Anyone who’s seen a skunk in a cartoon knows what to expect from one: a…

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A mouse in a pile of snow looks for a safe place to eat, sleep, and get out of the cold.

Getting Rid of Mice 101: Why Mice are a Bigger Problem in Winter

With holidays, good food, and hopefully some time off from work, winter is a great…

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A possum in the snow looks for a new place to live.

Your Guide to Keeping Possums Out of The Attic

As winter draws closer in Michigan, much of the local wildlife hunkers down for the…

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A spider web sits in the corner of some eaves inside a home.

Keep Your Home Spider-Free in Fall

Another fall season has arrived in Michigan, a time of year that consistently includes thousands…

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a squirrel on a wooden bench

Top 3 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Are noisy squirrels disrupting your daily routine or keeping you up at night? If you're…

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A woman standing outside reacts to being stung by an unseen insect.

Prevent the Pain of Stinging Insects

Summer in Michigan brings warm weather, outdoor adventures, and the joy of spending time in…

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A groundhog emerges from a burrow and peers out across a yard.

Don’t Let Groundhogs Lead to Other Pest Problems

When summer rolls around, it’s time for your yard to shine! But if wildlife is…

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