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a squirrel on a wooden bench

Top 3 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Are noisy squirrels disrupting your daily routine or keeping you up at night? If you're…

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A woman standing outside reacts to being stung by an unseen insect.

Prevent the Pain of Stinging Insects

Summer in Michigan brings warm weather, outdoor adventures, and the joy of spending time in…

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A groundhog emerges from a burrow and peers out across a yard.

Don’t Let Groundhogs Lead to Other Pest Problems

When summer rolls around, it’s time for your yard to shine! But if wildlife is…

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Boxelder beetle

How to prevent Boxelder bug invasions

Prevent Boxelder bug invasions before they start! Boxelder bugs(Boisea trivittatus) are a common invader in…

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Groundhogs and Foundation Damage

Groundhogs may look cute, but groundhog foundation damage is more serious than you think. While…

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a raccoon walking on the grass

Distemper in Animals

Cases of animal distemperment in Michigan are a frequent occurrence. It is sadly common to…

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An ant infestation takes over a kitchen as ants flock to a spoonful of sugar sitting in front of a bowl.

How to Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen & Off Your Lawn

Ant activity spikes in summer when warmer temperatures kick their insect instincts into gear. This…

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A baby deer sits curled up, alone, in a patch of grass.

Wild Animal Safety 101: What to do When You Find a Baby Animal

From spring to late fall, animals will be giving birth in Michigan, which makes sense—when…

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A bat hangs upside down from a well-crafted wooden ceiling.

5 Tips for Bat Exclusion at the Start of Roosting Season

Bats are federally protected creatures and an important part of our ecosystem. From controlling bug…

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