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A bat hangs upside down from a well-crafted wooden ceiling.

5 Tips for Bat Exclusion at the Start of Roosting Season

Bats are federally protected creatures and an important part of our ecosystem. From controlling bug populations to acting as pollinators, these fuzzy mammals contribute immensely to nature and modern society. 

But when bats decide to roost in your home, not only is it a major nuisance, but it also poses health risks to your family. Find out what the professional bat control experts at Creature Control recommend for preventing and treating bat problems in Michigan. 

The Importance of Bat Exclusion in Michigan

Keeping bats out of your home is the best way to treat a bat problem because proactive solutions help you avoid having to work around the federal protections that prevent bat removal in certain seasons. 

When is Bat Roosting Season in Michigan?

Bats begin maternity roosting in summer, where they will remain for several weeks to birth their babies and begin raising them. But it’s important to know that they can begin giving birth as early as the last weeks of May. Maternal colonies of bats cannot be removed until August when the juvenile bats are old enough to fly on their own. That’s why homeowners need to prioritize bat exclusion before the end of May. 

Where do Bats Like to Hibernate or Roost?

Bats prefer enclosed, dark spaces to suit their sleep cycles and protect them from the elements. When given the opportunity, bats will take up residence in the following areas of your home:

  • Attics/roof spaces
  • Wall insulation
  • Hanging exterior tiles
  • Loose boarding 
  • Gaps between internal and external spaces
  • Sheds or garages

A trained pest control specialist can help you identify any such areas and provide exclusion options. It’s important to look for signs that your home is open to bat infestation and to notice instances of bat activity in and around your home so you can address the problem as quickly as possible. 

Signs That Bats Are Inside Your Home

  • Scratching in the attic
  • Quiet squeaking or peeping noises from chimneys and fireplaces
  • Scraping sounds in walls and ceilings
  • Disrupted insulation 
  • Unexplained odors (especially ammonia)
  • Stained holes in manmade structures

If you have noticed any of these indicators, call a pest control company like Creature Control for fast, safe, and humane service. 

What to Do if You Notice Signs of Bats in Your Home

For the safety of yourself and your family, leave all bat removal to trained wildlife experts. Bats are highly unlikely to attack humans unprovoked, but wild animals are unpredictable. Bats can bite people and domestic animals, infecting them with bacteria from their mouths or any diseases they may be carrying. 

One such disease is rabies, and it is especially dangerous. Trained professionals have the proper knowledge and protective equipment to handle wildlife like bats without endangering themselves or others in the area. 

There may also be dangerous bacteria in their urine and guano, which can make pets and small children sick. At Creature Control, we offer animal cleanup and carcass removal to keep your house clean and ensure the health of your loved ones. 

How Homeowners Can Help Bats

A powerful way to deter bats from taking up residence in your home is to cultivate a good bat habitat or build a bat house. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recommends this guide for doing so. Bats in your area will keep the insect population down—bye-bye mosquitoes!—and it is untrue that Michigan bats carry bedbugs, so there’s no need for that concern. 

Creature Control Keeps Your Home Bat-Free

Our top-of-the-line integrated pest management solutions include advanced techniques for excluding bats. Your family’s safety is our number one priority. We offer humane animal control methods whenever possible, and we’re dedicated to providing long-lasting strategies to protect your home from wild animals. Keep your home comfortable and pest-free—for all your animal control needs, contact the expert team at Creature Control today. 

Prevent & Treat Bat Infestations with Humane Services from Creature Control

When you need a bat exterminator, the Creature Control team is here to help. We provide comprehensive plans to remove bats from your home and prevent them from returning. Whether you need insect extermination or squirrel removal, call Creature Control at (800) 441-1519 for fast, reliable service.