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Bat Bugs: Identification, Control, and Treatment

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” How many times have we heard this phrase? Probably too many. But have you ever heard of bat bugs? In this article we will learn a little bit about the bat bug, the lesser-known cousin of the bed bug.

What is a bat bug?

As a member of the Cimicidae family, bat bugs are closely related to bed bugs. In fact, they are so similar in appearance that people with bat bugs often assume they have bed bugs without bothering to have a correct identification done.

Bat bugs are blood sucking parasites that feed chiefly on bats. Because of this, it’s important to be on the lookout for bat bugs if you’ve recently had a bat problem. A bat bug problem is often discovered in the wake of a bat eviction.

Although they primarily feed off of bat blood, they can also feed off other warm blooded creatures in the location. Pets or even humans (though research seems to indicate they are less likely to feed on humans than bed bugs).

How to identify a bat bug?

Dark brown or red, oval shaped and leathery-skinned, these insects are not the kind of bug you’d ever want in your home. Being small and so similar in appearance to bed bugs, bat bugs can be hard to identify. Sometimes you have to get really close–uncomfortably close–to tell the difference. For example, under a magnifying glass, it can be observed that the fringe hairs around the eye of a bat bug are much longer than those of bed bugs.

However, for homeowners worried about a bat bug problem, it is more important to look at the location. Where are they coming from?

Bed bugs tend to stay in and around the bed, whereas bat bugs are much more likely to travel. They would be coming through the windows, or the ceiling by the exhaust fans and vents.

What to do if you have bat bugs?

“What do I do if I have bat bugs?” you may be wondering. If you suspect the presence of bat bugs in your home contact Creature Control. Since bed and bat bug infestations are treated differently, it is important to get a professional that will be able to make a proper identification and adequately eliminate the problem. Creature Control has years of experience handling bat bugs and can put together an effective treatment program for you. Give us a call at 1-800-441-1519 or use our online contact form.