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A groundhog emerges from a burrow and peers out across a yard.

Don’t Let Groundhogs Lead to Other Pest Problems

When summer rolls around, it’s time for your yard to shine! But if wildlife is becoming a nuisance on your property, it can spell trouble for your lovely plant life and your family members. Groundhogs (also known as whistlepigs) are a common pest throughout Michigan, and their presence often allows other pests to invade your property as well. 

Don’t let wildlife ruin your yard this summer. Learn from Creature Control about groundhog behavior and the powerful integrated pest management strategies that combat it. 

Why Do Groundhogs Dig? 

Like many small rodents, groundhogs dig in order to make homes for themselves. Rather than seeking out existing structures or nesting in brush, they burrow to create underground tunnels and pockets for sleeping, breeding, and hiding from predators. 

Why is it Bad When Groundhogs Dig In Your Yard? 

There are a variety of issues that can arise from groundhog problems, but one of the most complicated issues is that groundhog burrowing activity can bring other types of pests to your property. 

Because they are burrowing animals, groundhogs are able to navigate around traditional yard fences, which can give other animals interested in chewing up your plants prime access to your property. Even when groundhogs abandon their burrows, other animals, like raccoons, may take the opportunity to use those burrows for themselves. Groundhogs are also prey animals, which means their presence runs the risk of attracting predators who can pose a danger to pets, children, family members, and neighbors. 

Other Groundhog Problems

Some of the most common problems groundhogs can cause in a yard include: 

  • Damaging your foundation
  • Harming plant life
  • Biting pets or family members
  • Spreading disease
  • Creating unstable ground that leads to twisted ankles

Homeowners notice most of these issues in the summer months when groundhog activity spikes. 

Why Are Groundhogs More Active in the Summer?

Groundhogs, like so many other mammals, hibernate in the winter and give birth in the spring. Summer is a time of increased activity when young groundhogs are maturing and building up their strength to create nests of their own to spend the winter in. 

Animals That Put Your Yard At Risk

Some of the animals that might invade your yard after groundhog interference include: 

  • Gophers
  • Chipmunks
  • Moles
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums

You may even find your yard completely overrun with more groundhogs as they breed or as other groundhogs realize how suitable your property is for building a home. Many species of pesky wildlife enjoy using old burrows for their own purposes, so it’s important to account for these issues when designing your groundhog pest management plan. 

Get Rid of Groundhogs with Creature Control

The Creature Control team is expertly trained in groundhog pest management and common rodent control. Our team provides knowledgeable support and comprehensive strategies for combatting the pest problems facing your property both in the present and the future. From summer ant problems to animals invading your attic, Creature Control is here to help with integrated pest management solutions. 

Superior Pest Control Solutions from Creature Control

At Creature Control, it’s our mission to provide pest management solutions that uniquely suit your property and your family’s lifestyle. We help homeowners across Michigan address their pest issues with safe, thorough work designed to keep their loved ones safe. Don’t wait to address your pest problems, call Creature Control today at (800) 441-1519 for fast, thorough removal and extermination services.