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Evicting Long-Term Guests

There’s a good chance that at some point during the winter, you’ve experienced an infestation of insects. This can be unexpected; after all, bugs should be dead from the freezing temperatures here in Michigan. The fact is, our homes are often where colonies of insects overwinter to survive the cold, harsh elements.

Typically, insects will overwinter as adults, entering homes through tiny cracks, crevices, ductwork, or vents. They’ll often end up in groups or clusters in wall voids or attic spaces near heat and ventilation sources, usually remaining there until spring. Sometimes, though, any increase in temperature may fool the insects into movement. Thus, you may find them in the living spaces of your home. Common finds are stinkbugs, boxelder bugs, Asian Lady beetles, and cluster flies. Oddly enough, the insects rarely use this time to reproduce; instead, they stay relatively stagnant unless they wake up.

Since standard contact-based pesticides will not work well during this time, the best treatment option is a form of fumigation of the areas in which the insects are overwintering. Sometimes, a basic interior treatment can help with the bugs you see in your home, but even after one application, or even fumigation, you should expect to require some follow-up treatment in the spring. We will tighten up seal work to deter future invasions and reapply treatment to the original entry points they accessed.

If you’re experiencing insect activity this winter, give Creature Control a call; we’ll handle your pest overwintering issue!