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Prevent Boxelder bug invasions before they start!

Boxelder bugs(Boisea trivittatus) are a common invader in Michigan homes. The reason for this is quite simple, Box Elder bugs need a safe and warm place to over winter. Boxelder bugs are a small winged creature that is black and red(or orange) in color.

In the fall when the temperatures start to come down, Box Elders move to places that could shield them from the cold. Human dwellings are the prefect location to stay safe and warm. The prescription for preventing this invasion is to have treatments done in advance of the times they seek shelter. Treatments last up to 90 days so the most effective prevention is to treat homes in July or August for the best chance of eliminating these invaders in your home. Once the bugs are inside the treatments can be less effective as the locations where Boxelders seek refuge are often inaccessible. So Treat the problem early as this is definitely a case where a ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure!

Boxelder beetle
Boxelder Bugs (Boisea trivittata) often gather in large numbers in Michigan homes.

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