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A rat pokes its head out of a hole in the wall.

Keep Rats Out of Your Home in Winter: Rodent Control Methods

When winter rolls around, Michigan homeowners know how lovely it is to nestle down in a pile of blankets or in front of a fireplace. Whether you’re avoiding going out in the snow, or you’ve just come home from a long day of work, a hot meal and a safe, dry place to rest make all the difference during the colder months. 

But what many homeowners may not realize is that rats and mice have the same idea. When the weather outside turns wet, cold, and windy, rodents may turn your house into their own private winter vacation spot—where they may end up staying year-round. For the best rat prevention tips in Michigan, turn to the experts at Creature Control.  

Prevent Rat Infestations This Winter

While you may be cozying up in your home during the last stretch of winter, what you may not notice is that rodents could be doing the same thing. A rat infestation at any point in the year can turn into a long-term problem, but the risk becomes higher during the winter months. 

Find out what the professional rat control experts at Creature Control recommend for preventing and treating rat problems in Michigan. 

How & Why Do Rats Enter Homes in Winter?

During winter, rats seek shelter from the harsh elements. Unlike some other types of animals, rats don’t hibernate. They remain active, eating and moving around as much as normal, but under the new constraints that cold weather brings, including diminished and limited food sources. Their homes may also become compromised from wind and the dampness of rain or snow, leading them to seek out a new place to nest. 

If your Michigan home has small holes in the siding or garage doors that don’t seal well, rats can make their way inside. Rats enter homes through uncovered basement floor drains, vents, cracks in the walls or foundation, chimneys, and roof drains as well as roofs in disrepair. They are desperate for a warm, dry spot to stay safe, and if your home offers convenient entry points and access to food, then you’re at risk for an infestation.  

Signs That Rats Are in Your Home

Signs of small animal infestations can be easy to ignore, but smart homeowners will keep a careful eye out for the following: 

  • Angled holes near tree roots or foundations and walls
  • Droppings, which look like small dark pellets the size of a grain of rice
  • Dark smear marks, where the fur on their bellies rub dirt and feces along frequently traveled surfaces
  • Chewed wires, cords, and structural elements
  • Noise in your walls or ceiling at night

These indicators mean that your home is likely already infested, and requires immediate attention to protect your family and guests. 

What to Do if You Notice Signs of Rats in Your Home

Rats carry dangerous diseases, spread bacteria and fecal matter, and put your family members at risk of being bitten. If you notice any signs of rats in your home, it’s important to take action immediately. 

You may think the issue is as simple as cutting off food sources and patching up any entry points, but rats are cunning and persistent. Treating a rodent problem requires targeted, integrative methods to ensure you get rid of all of them and prevent their return. Rats can quickly learn how to get around or out of simple traps, and it can be dangerous, difficult, and unsettling if you have to dispose of a still-living one yourself. 

But not to worry—the experts at Creature Control offer expert rodent control services to protect your home and family. We can design a thorough system to address your rat problem, providing repairs where necessary and implementing preventative measures as well. 

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Home

At Creature Control, we suggest these tips for rat prevention:

  • Keep your lawn well-maintained so rats will be less likely to travel through it
  • Eliminate potential food sources, store food in well-sealed containers, and use a trash can with a lid
  • Don’t leave pet food outside and don’t leave dog poop on your lawn
  • Make sure any cracks or openings in your home’s perimeter are addressed (a trained professional can help you identify these entry points)
  • Don’t store items long-term against the side of your house
  • Don’t let debris collect near the perimeter of your home

Creature Control Puts Rats in Their Place

For all your animal control needs, contact the reliable team at Creature Control today. We provide humane methods for animal control whenever possible, putting your family’s safety and comfort at the forefront of our service. Our rat extermination methods are tailored to your needs for fast, effective, and lasting solutions. With repair and cleanup services, we make it easier than ever to reclaim your home from rodents and the hazardous mess they leave behind. 

Prevent & Treat Rat Infestations with Service from Creature Control

When you need a rat exterminator, the Creature Control team is here to help. We provide comprehensive plans to help you get rid of rats and address any other rodent problems you are facing. For fast, reliable service, call Creature Control at (800) 441-1519 to have a team member sent out to you as soon as possible.