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A spider web sits in the corner of some eaves inside a home.

Keep Your Home Spider-Free in Fall

Another fall season has arrived in Michigan, a time of year that consistently includes thousands of spiders. This isn’t the plot for a Halloween creature feature but part of the spiders’ regular life cycle. 

Fall is mating season, and there is an explosion in spider populations at this time each year. Most of the spiders you’re seeing right now are likely adult male spiders on a journey to find a mate. Keep reading to learn about how to keep your home from turning into a nursery. 

​​It’s Spider Season in Michigan

As voracious predators of insects and bugs, spiders are a natural form of pest control. But not everyone is comfortable living with them in their home. Luckily, there are steps you can take if you wish to drive away these creatures.

How To Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

Spider infestations can seriously affect your safety and peace of mind. If you want your house to be spider-free, you can try the following solutions:

Water and Vinegar

White vinegar is a common household ingredient, often used in cooking and cleaning. It’s also an excellent spider deterrent. 

Spray a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in the corners of your house, and its sour odor should repel spiders. This can also help ward off ants. 

Essential Oils

Certain strong-smelling substances are extremely effective in keeping spiders away. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are relaxing for humans and can repel spiders. 

Add a few drops of essential oil to a cup of water and spritz it all around the house. Be cautious about using this solution if you have pets, as some essential oils are poisonous to them or bad for their lungs. Precautions may also be advisable if you have small children. 

Natural Ingredients

If you are sensitive to strong smells, you might prefer using natural ingredients instead. You can buy them at any grocery store, and putting them around perimeters and in corners will drive spiders away.

Some of these ingredients include:

  • Citrus peels
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Horse chestnuts
  • Cedar wood chips
  • Diatomaceous earth

Deep Cleaning Routines

Clutter and dust are like welcome mats for spiders. They love to hide behind piles of various objects and build their webs in ignored corners. 

When you keep all the corners and crannies of your house clean and dust-free, spiders will have to go elsewhere to find a comfortable home.  

Switching Off Exterior Lights

Keeping your house’s lights on after sunset attracts lots of bugs and flying insects. Spiders will soon follow in hot pursuit of their prey. Switching off the lights reduces the number of insects in your home, so spiders have little reason to enter.

Seal Cracks

Keeping your home sealed is the best way to keep out intruders like spiders and other insects. Find cracks where the spiders can enter and caulk them closed. 

Common Spider Species in Michigan

Before attempting to remove spiders from your house, try to identify their species. There are over 500 spider species native to Michigan, and most of them are entirely harmless to humans. These benign spiders actually help keep your house free of other types of creepy crawlies. 

Some of the most commonly sighted spider species in Michigan homes include:

  • Common house spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Brown recluse
  • Black widow

Very few of these spiders pose a serious threat to humans. But a bite from a brown recluse or black widow requires immediate medical attention.

Professional Spider Removal Services in Michigan

Instead of taking on the risk of removing possibly venomous spiders yourself, you should call on professional spider removal services. Creature Control specializes in pest, spider, and bug control and can handle your spider problems. From applying pesticides to clearing webs and eggs, Creature Control’s experts will remove every sign of the spiders’ presence in your home. 

Spider Elimination from the Professionals at Creature Control

If you have a spider problem in your home or business, Creature Control can help. We’re trusted for our ecological awareness and humane wildlife management methods, but arachnid and insect problems can call for firm methods. We’re equipped to deliver quick, full-scope pest extermination services that work with your property and lifestyle. Keep your property tidy and your spider populations under control when you call us today at (800) 441-1519.