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a person sitting in a parking lot holding an owl

Screech Owl Removal in Grand Haven

In February Creature Control received a call from a factory in Grand Haven for a bird problem. This factory had experienced some bird issues in the past (mainly starlings and sparrows), but this was a different kind of problem. A little guest was flying about loose inside the factory.

Short, brown and stocky with a round head and a short tail, this guest happened to be a little eastern screech owl.

The factory staff had tried to help the owl escape by leaving the doors open. However, the owl refused to leave. Unable to solve the problem on their own, they contacted Creature Control. Our West Michigan manager Josh headed out with another technician Julien to assess the situation.

As part of the usual routine in animal rescue/removal, our technicians searched for an entry point and were able to identify a small opening the owl had gotten in through.

With the aid of a scissor lift and a couple specialty tools, Josh and Julien were able to carefully remove the owl. It only took about ten minutes to safely relocate him back outside into the pine groves nearby—but not before Josh snapped some great photos of Julien and the owl together.

This is pretty much all in a day’s work for Creature Control. We don’t just handle routine wildlife and pest control problems; we also take care of outside-the-box sort of issues like random screech owls flying around inside factories. Whether bird or beast, Creature Control is up to the task! Do you have a pest or nuisance wildlife control problem? Please contact Creature Control today!

owl on pipe