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Top 3 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Are noisy squirrels disrupting your daily routine or keeping you up at night? If you’re dealing with these pesky attic invaders, you’re not alone. Squirrels are notorious for finding their way into attics, causing damage, and driving homeowners nuts. Especially in Michigan homes at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. 

You don’t need to stress; Creature Control is here to help you regain peace and quiet in your home. Explore effective methods to keep squirrels out of your attic, from humane removal to expert exclusion techniques. We provide solutions that are meant to last. 

Reasons to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic

Most people won’t want wild animals in their homes, but if you think a few squirrels trying to stay dry is harmless enough, think again. They put your pets and family members at risk of being bitten and they can transmit diseases as well. Squirrels, like any wild animals, are likely to track dirt, germs, ticks, fleas, mites, and feces into your home, threatening all residents with potential health problems. 

You’ll also quickly realize that squirrels are noisy—chittering away, scrabbling around, squeaking, and chewing on any materials they see fit. The chewing is especially dangerous, as it can cause electrical or structural problems depending on what they sink their teeth into. 

The Best Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

For these reasons and more, any unwanted furry visitor will likely cause your skin to crawl. You want your home to be quiet and free from outside germs, dirt, and other unsavory elements that wild animals can carry with them. Contacting pest control experts is the best way to take care of the problem quickly and thoroughly. At Creature Control, we follow these steps:

1. Inspection and Assessment

Every squirrel invasion is unique, which is why our service starts with a thorough inspection of your attic. Our wildlife experts identify the entry points and assess the extent of any damage caused by the squirrels. 

This assessment helps tailor removal and exclusion strategies to your specific situation, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach. Once our professionals get a comprehensive picture of your attic, they will know where to start with removal and prevention.

2. Humane Squirrel Removal

When it comes to dealing with squirrels in your attic, humane removal is the preferred way to go. Creature Control specializes in safe and ethical squirrel trapping techniques that ensure the animals are unharmed. 

Our trained professionals use live traps to capture the squirrels and then release them into a suitable habitat far from your home. It’s a win-win solution that frees your home from pests and gives the squirrels a chance to thrive in their natural environment.

3.  Squirrel Exclusion

Preventing squirrels from reentering your attic is just as crucial as removing them. Squirrel exclusion services are designed to fortify your home against future invasions. 

During your squirrel removal service, our expert technicians will seal off potential entry points and reinforce vulnerable areas. This ensures that squirrels can’t find their way back into your attic, providing a long-term solution to your wildlife woes.

Preventive Measures

Instead of calling for squirrel removal every few months for recurring invasions, you can safeguard your home with preventative squirrel exclusion measures once the current invasion is resolved. Our team can install squirrel-proof vent covers, chimney caps, and attic fans that keep these agile critters at bay. These preventive measures protect your home and save you from future squirrel-related expenses. 

Secure Your Home from Furry Wildlife

Don’t let noisy squirrels disrupt your daily life or damage your attic. With Creature Control’s humane squirrel removal, expert squirrel exclusion services, and preventive measures, you can enjoy a squirrel-free home and peace of mind. Contact us today to regain control of your attic and reclaim your quiet, peaceful living space. 

Squirrel Removal from the Experts at Creature Control

If you have a squirrel problem in your home or business, Creature Control can help. Our squirrel removal services are backed by years of experience helping homeowners and business owners deal with wildlife intrusions. Our experienced team understands the behavior and habits of squirrels, implementing the most effective removal and exclusion techniques. But our knowledge extends beyond outdoor rodents. Creature Control can help with any pest problem so that you feel safe and at ease in your home. Call us today at (800) 441-1519 for better wildlife control methods and comprehensive protection.