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Understanding Recurring Services

Many of our customers call us out to deal with raccoons, bats, or squirrels: issues that are usually solved within a few weeks (depending on the season) and with only a few visits from one of our technicians. Pest issues, however (especially mice), nearly always require more maintenance to keep control over the population. This can seem discouraging to those who just want their problem solved, but we have a nearly painless method of maintaining control over small rodents. Therefore, we often recommend our Recurring Services program.

Typically, a mouse service starts with an initial inspection. The technician will write up an estimate for a rodenticide application, determine the number of exterior and garage bait stations (containing rodenticide) required, and the seal work to be done. The rodenticide treatment and the bait stations can usually be done at the same visit, and two weeks later, the technician will return to complete the seal work of any access points found along the foundation. Sometimes, this is enough to stop a colony of mice from re-establishing itself in the home, but more often, these two visits are just the first step.

Mice are always looking for homes to establish colonies in, and once the rodenticide in the attic and bait stations has been consumed (usually by the first colony), your home is once again at risk for mice. The seal work alone is not usually enough to stop determined mice, and there’s a good chance that 6-10 months after the job is complete, you’ll hear the same scratching that made you call us in the first place.

So, what can be done? The answer lies in those bait stations. Because we installed them during the first visit, all that will need to be done going forward is periodic restocks instead of another entire mouse service. Basically, the mice will consume the rodenticide that’s readily available and perish before they can establish a colony again. Of course, you could always call us out as needed for a restock of your stations, but there’s an alternative: Creature Control’s Recurring Services Program.

This program combines progressive defense in the form of fresh rodenticide at specific intervals and active monitoring to gauge the level of mouse activity. The frequency is tailored to your situation, there’s no cancelation fee, and it can be upgraded to include insect treatments for a discounted rate. Best of all, it’s non-invasive. Because everything our tech would be doing is exterior, it’s unnecessary to schedule an appointment: we’ll just be there at the next service interval and let you know the level of activity observed after the restock. It’s simple, customizable, and far more affordable than starting over with a new pest problem.

If you think you may have mice, or if you’re interested in more information about our Recurring Services Program, give our office a call anytime!