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A possum in the snow looks for a new place to live.

Your Guide to Keeping Possums Out of The Attic

As winter draws closer in Michigan, much of the local wildlife hunkers down for the cold months. But the opossum isn’t like most wildlife. 

For starters, it’s North America’s only marsupial. Opossums, colloquially referred to as “possums” due to similarities with their Australian cousins, are intelligent and adaptable creatures. They’re equally comfortable in the woods or suburban areas. This can spell trouble for Michigan residents. 

Don’t Let Your Home Become a Possum Den this Winter!

A possum in the wild is a harmless creature, but our problems begin when they get too comfortable in your home or yard! When this happens, it’s important to contact a professional wildlife removal company for humane, long-term solutions. But first, you need to be able to detect when a possum is present. 

How to Spot Possum Activity

Michigan homeowners should already be familiar with the signs of a possum’s presence, including the following: 

  • Droppings
  • Tracks in the dirt or snow
  • Disturbed trash cans
  • Scratching noises in your home at night

If you’ve noticed any of these, you need a plan to get rid of the possums.

Why Possums Are Approaching Your Home

Possums are enterprising omnivores who can eat a wide variety of foods and will go to great lengths to do so. It’s the most common reason they are so fond of entering human dwellings. Because they aren’t picky eaters, they can be drawn in by pet food, leftovers from an outdoor party, birdseed, fallen fruit, and even compost.

Another reason possums might enter your property is to seek much-needed shelter. During winter, these burrowing marsupials seek warm places to make their dens, and often the most hospitable place the possums can find is your basement or attic. 

A human home is no place for a wild animal, so it’s best to ensure that yours remains possum-free.  

How To Drive Off Possums From Your Property

Keeping possums off your property is much easier than removing them once they’ve taken up residence. These simple measures can keep wild possums at bay:

1. Remove Food Sources

Removing the temptation of food will give possums no reason to explore your yard. Feed pets indoors, pick up fallen fruit before dusk, and clean up after eating outside. 

It’s also vital to secure trash can lids and cover up compost pits.

2. Install Motion-Activated Lights and Sprinklers

You can scare possums off with motion-activated lights. Most will be skittish enough to run away at the sudden burst of light, but older and braver possums may not be deterred. A motion-activated sprinkler can scare them off. This method isn’t 100% effective, as possums may get used to them, but it can keep pets, loved ones, and your yard safe from possums until a licensed wildlife control professional arrives.

3. Use Smell-Based Repellents

Possums’ strong senses of smell help them find food. You can turn this against them by placing scent-based repellents around the perimeter of your yard. 

Ammonia, bleach, and camphor can effectively ward them off. Natural ingredients like garlic and onions also give off a smell that opossums avoid. Be careful where you apply these, though, as some substances can be harmful to children and pets. Again, consult with a wildlife control expert like the Creature Control team to determine the most effective method for your circumstances. 

4. Seal Points of Entry

This step may require a professionally trained eye to spot all vulnerable entry points, but here are some common issues to check: 

  • Ensure there are no holes in the home’s foundation that possums can burrow into
  • Trim tree branches to at least five feet away from your roof since possums are adept climbers
  • Use hardware cloth under your deck and porch to block possums from making a den underneath

How To Remove a Possum From Your Home

Once a possum enters your house, you want it out of there as fast as possible. There are a few ways to deal with a possum in your home, but only two that we recommend: 

  1. Seal all exits to the room, save one, and wait for the possum to run out
  2. Contact a professional pest and wildlife control company

Again, possums can be dangerous to pets and people, and possum trapping is not legal in all parts of the state. Contact Creature Control to learn more. 

Get Expert Help With Nuisance Possum Removal

If a possum enters your home, the best course of action is to call a professional to remove it. Creature Control is Michigan’s resident team of wildlife control experts. Trapping possums requires a license in some parts of the state, so it’s best to let professionals handle their removal. Contact us today to get fast help with your possum problems. 

Creature Control Provides Better Wildlife Removal Services

At Creature Control, we care about protecting your home from outdoor pests and we offer humane, long-term solutions that keep your family and domesticated animals safe. We provide our clients with fast, thorough services to address their needs. When you have a possum problem, don’t wait—call (800) 441-1519 today.