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Common Pests
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Providing Clean, Expert Pest Control in Michigan

Creature Control’s skilled insect and wildlife technicians are trained in effective, proven methods that eliminate current pest problems and prevent future infestations. We take extra precautions when applying treatments, creating a cleaner and safer environment for everyone, including your pets. Our local, in-house team of professionals can conveniently repair any structural damage caused by insects or vermin. Even the most common pests don’t stand a chance against us. For rodent control, wildlife control, and pest control services you can rely on, give Creature Control a call!

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Our Top Pest Control Services in Michigan

Contact Creature Control to learn more about our treatment techniques for pest problems. We can design a plan to stop bugs in their tracks and prevent them from returning.

Ant Problems

Ants invade buildings to gather food crumbs and build colonies inside the walls. Their venom is harmful and their activity can cause structural damage. Find out more on our ant control page.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bee control requires expert treatment and remediation to protect your family and home. Learn about our solutions and prevention methods on our carpenter bee control page.


Spiders laying eggs near your home or business can lead to infestations, & even non-venomous spider bites can cause allergic reactions. Explore solutions on our spider control page.

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Stinging Insects

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are Michigan’s second most common stinging pests. They can build nests in & around homes or businesses, endangering guests & family members.


Earwigs thrive in moist, swampy environments. They are known to invade homes during the spring when it warms up, and they can be seen crawling along siding or in mulchy gardens.

Ladybugs & Asian Lady Beetles

These red insects can damage plants and cause allergic reactions. During cold months, you may see them indoors, gathered on window sills or flying around rooms, bothering guests.

Centipedes, Millipedes & Sowbugs

During winter or stormy weather, these crawling insects can seek shelter in your home or business. These bugs can be exceptionally unsightly and unsettling.

Boxelder Bugs

During winter or stormy weather, these crawling insects can seek shelter in your home or business. These bugs can be exceptionally unsightly and unsettling.

Our Plan Against Pests

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Connect with one of our professionals over the phone or online. Our team of pest control experts can suggest treatment plans for your issue contract-free!

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Once a wildlife specialist has arrived at the location, they will uncover the source of the pest infestation. From there, they can determine a humane and safe plan for removing the source.

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No pest problem is exactly alike. At Creature Control, we perform specialized treatment plans for our clients. We ensure that the pest is completely removed while prioritizing your health and safety.

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Our methods of protection against pests safeguard your home from returning issues. We will seal your home against all types of pesky invaders.

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