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Interior Rodent Services
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Humane Rodent Control and Removal in Michigan

Rodents are incredibly troublesome pests that wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Once a rodent nest has been established, removing it can be extremely difficult without professional help. With multiple hiding spots, creative food sources (like pet food or items in the back of your pantry), and a knack for making their own entrances, a rat or mouse can find ways to stick around, spreading germs.

The experts at Creature Control are experienced in effective rodent solutions that ensure rats and mice get out and stay out! We use safe chemicals and certified treatment plans to protect your family’s health and safety. Call Creature Control to defend your home and business against rodents today!

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How to Know if You Have a
Rodent Infestation

While you may not see rodents, rats and mice often leave evidence of their presence in a home. These signs can include droppings, tampered food items, and scampering noises in the house.

A rodent infestation can be highly troublesome for home and business owners. Removing one or two rats at a time is hardly successful. Often, rodents return to the same property after amateur removal. Unfortunately, evidence of rodents usually indicates that there are already many rodents inside your home. Only a trusted professional can truly eradicate the rodent problem and prevent future issues. Don’t wait to take action if you suspect you may have an interior rodent infestation!

Our Plan for Interior Rodent Control

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The first step in our process is to diagnose the presence of rodents and find how they are entering. We will search the building from top to bottom to find evidence, entrances, and nests.

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It will be necessary to evict the entire current mouse or rat population present in your home. We ensure that our removal methods are certified and safe for your family.

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We use various prevention techniques like rodent barriers and sealing treatments to prevent returning rodents. We may also suggest some environmental changes that aid in keeping rodents away.

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