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Wildlife Removal
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Humane Wildlife Solutions in Michigan

Michigan is home to a wide variety of native wildlife. Some types, such as squirrels, bats, and raccoons are known to enter human homes for shelter and food. These animals can carry numerous harmful diseases and may even become aggressive to humans. To keep yourself and your home safe, we recommend relying on an experienced wildlife technician when dealing with animals.

For top-rated and trustworthy pest control and rodent control services, contact our team at Creature Control. We are prepared to tackle even the toughest wildlife removal issue to ensure customer satisfaction.

Most Common Wildlife Issues


Bats are known for roosting in homes and making them a permanent nesting place. They can cause serious health risks to humans and pets if allowed to remain inside a residence.

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Raccoons are extremely common and frequently destructive. Our experienced team can safely trap and remove raccoons from your home or property.

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Squirrels and chipmunks can often be destructive to homes and gardens in Michigan. In the worst case, an indoor presence of these rodents can cause noisy chaos inside your home or business.

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Groundhogs, or woodchucks, are known to destroy lawns and contribute to building foundation issues. Protect your vehicles and domestic animals from their hazards with help from our team.

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A skunk on your property can destroy your lawn, ruin your day, and harm your pets. Don’t let their stink stay on your property—contact Creature Control for humane skunk removal.

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These hard-working animals add many benefits to local ecosystems but they can quickly damage a property. Contact Creature Control for expert advice on beaver removal or deterrents.

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These common marsupials are known to get trapped inside homes and garages. They can be aggressive towards humans and pets and require experience for safe removal.

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The incessant chewing of muskrats can destroy electrical lines and their burrows can ruin water-retaining structures. Professional help from Creature Control can get rid of these pests.

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Other Services

We provide a suite of additional wildlife services to make our customers’ lives easier, including cover animal clean up, wood destruction inspections, and carcass removal.

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Call Today for Superior Wildlife Control Services

When working with the wildlife technicians at Creature Control, you can always expect effective services and safe solutions for wildlife control. Call us today to experience complete customer satisfaction.

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