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Professional Bat Removal in Michigan

Bats can be a massive problem for homeowners. If you’ve heard scratching in the attic and worry you have bats, it’s time to hire a professional wildlife technician.

Bats require professional attention, as attempts at bat removal can be dangerous for the untrained. With bats on the property, your home or business is at risk for disease and unpleasant smells, and the health of your guests is put in danger. Creature Control offers safe and humane bat control and bat exclusion services. We ensure that eradicated pests don’t become a recurring problem. Contact us today for effective and safe solutions against bats in your home.

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Got Bats Hanging Around?

Bats prefer to make permanent homes in high-up places like attics, vents, and barns. It’s a common misconception that bats are migratory and won’t stay in a home long-term—when a bat takes up residence, they’re usually here to stay. Signs of bats include foul smells from bat guano and sounds of shuffling at night.

Bat guano is the accumulation of bat feces. Buildup of bat guano can pose health concerns, along with creating additional pest problems. Cleaning bat guano without professional equipment can be ineffective and extremely dangerous. If you think you have a bat colony, get help from our wildlife technicians today!

Our Strategy For Bats

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From the roof’s peak to the basement, our team will search for the signs and causes of a bat presence. We will identify all points of entry and their perching & roosting locations.

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Because they are protected, bats cannot be trapped or treated with chemicals. One-way exclusion valves are installed at all entrances/exits to allow the bat to leave the premises and not get back in. If bat guano buildup poses a health concern, Creature Control can tackle the cleanup process and eradicate any contamination they might have caused.

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In most circumstances, our bat exclusion work is warrantied for up to 5 years at no additional cost. We want to assure we solve your bat problem and keep it that way.

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