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Professional Beaver Removal & Control in Michigan

Beavers are native all over North America and provide many benefits to local ecosystems. However, beaver activity has been known to flood a property, cause water damage and take out local trees.

The benefits and risks to the nearby animal population must always be considered when handling beaver problems. Beaver control requires authorization, specialized equipment and unique solutions. For fast, contract-free and effective wildlife removal, rodent control, and pest control, contact the professionals at Creature Control.

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Can Beavers Damage Property?

Beavers do benefit wild ecosystems, but they can also cause destruction to residential homes—especially residences located near rivers, lakes, and retention ponds. Their powerful teeth can down large trees that risk falling over homes, roads, and driveways. They don’t usually enter human homes, but their activity can cause increased flooding. Low-lying homes, roadways, and agricultural crops are at risk for water damage from beavers.

Beavers are protected by law since they were almost eradicated after being hunted for their gorgeous fur. To make any changes to a beaver’s habitat or move them, you need permission from local wildlife organizations, which is why you should turn to the experts at Creature Control. Contact us today for help with your property’s beaver problem.

Beaver Removal & Relocation

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First, our wildlife technicians will inspect and evaluate the beaver activity. This will include looking for water damage and determining how large the local beaver population is.

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Beavers require extra consideration to decide if they should be removed. We will help you determine your best course of action and acquire certain permissions to address the issue with consideration for the local environment.

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Removal & Relocation

We provide effective methods of in-water and on-land trapping. If we don’t remove the beaver from the premises, we may consider a drainage method for the beaver dam to prevent flooding.

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