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Effective Starling Control Solutions in Michigan

European Starlings are an invasive species which was introduced into the US in the 1800’s. This prolific and resourceful bird has caused a challenge for native bird populations In Michigan a bounty of 3 cents was offered to reduce their numbers.

Starlings are notorious for finding their way into dryer vents, especially during the breeding season.  Once inside a dryer vent, starlings can cause a range of problems, including clogs, damage to the venting system, and even the risk of fire. The nest debris left behind can can also present health concerns in some cases.

If you suspect there might be a starling nesting in your dryer vent Creature Control can address the problem safely and restore damaged vent lines and vents.

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Chimney Swifts

Chimney swifts are a protected species of migratory bird which often find themselves causing a unique problem for homeowners. During the breeding season, chimney swifts can be found everywhere in Michigan. Chimney swifts prefer open woodlands, forest areas with tall trees. However, as their name implies,  they have an affinity for nesting and roosting in chimneys and similar structures. Chimney swifts have adapted to human environments by utilizing chimneys as substitutes for natural hollow trees, which are in decline.

The main issue with chimney swifts taking up residence in your chimney is two fold. One is the noise, the young birds can cause quite a racket while the adults conduct feeding routines with them. And two the debris that they bring into the chimney can cause a real concern for chimney fires.

Due to the protected status of these birds it is important to properly identify the intruder in your chimney! Our trained wildlife experts can identify the species of birds and recommend a course of action to prevent future infestations and reduce the risk of fire caused by their nest debris.

Woodpecker damaged facade of the house

Woodpecker Damage?

Woodpeckers are a beautiful part of our naturel surroundings, however sometimes they will target a homes exposed wooden structures and cause unsightly damage. Woodpeckers diet is comprised primarily of wood boring insects and when a home is experiencing woodpecker damage often there is an underlying issue with insects.

Creature Control can solve this problem by investigating the underlying issue causing woodpeckers to be attracted to the home. We employ several effective tactics to deter the birds and protect the wood from any wood infesting insects which might be causing the problem.

pigeon on the roof

Birds And Solar Arrays

Birds can cause a range of damage to solar arrays or solar panels installed on a rooftops. One of the most common problems is bird droppings, which can accumulate on the panels and reduce their efficiency by blocking sunlight. Bird nests or debris can also accumulate on and around the panels, which can interfere with their proper operation and maintenance.

Additionally, birds may peck or scratch at the panels or wires, which can cause physical damage or even create electrical shorts or faults. In some cases, bird nests under or around the panels can create a fire hazard if the nesting materials come into contact with the electrical components. To prevent bird damage to solar arrays, contact Creature Control, with our wealth of experience in this area we can provide long term solutions to protect your investment!

Our Strategy For Handling Bird Issues

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After identifying the offender and ensuring it is not protected, your technician will conduct an inspection to determine the extent of the issue and present a plan to resolve it.

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In some cases we can remove the offending birds and nest debris left behind. When the bird is determined to be protected, a nest must be left undisturbed until hatchlings have fledged.

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Prevention is the number one solution for bird problems. We employ a large variety of solutions which include deterrents, and physical barriers to ensure your bird problems are gone for good!

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