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Effective Groundhog Control Solutions in Michigan

Have you experienced destruction to your property from groundhogs? Groundhogs (also known as woodchucks) can dig holes and tunnels that do massive property damage to homes and businesses in Michigan. From undermining foundations to creating vehicle hazards, these animals put your guests, loved ones, and other animals at risk.

Professional groundhog removal equipment is the safest and most humane way to remove groundhogs. Our team of wildlife technicians at Creature Control is experienced in effective groundhog removal treatments. Contact us for professional, contract-free wildlife control services whenever you need pest control or rodent control services.

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What Damage Can Groundhogs Do?

These digging menaces can be up to 12 pounds and have large incisors for burrowing. Groundhogs are frequently underground, so you may not see them even if they’re in your yard. Homeowners can usually spot massive mounds of dirt and sporadic holes as evidence of groundhogs in their yard. They prefer to burrow near structures for tunnel stability which can destroy patios, gardens, and other structures.

Their extensive tunnel system can be up to 45 feet long and compromise the foundation beneath your property. They have also been known to harm the vegetation and landscaping in lawns. If you suspect a groundhog problem on your property, don’t wait—call Creature Control today for groundhog removal and exclusion.

Our Strategy For Groundhogs

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Our detailed inspection of the entire property will comprehensively diagnose any groundhog issues and aid in determining the best personalized treatment.

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We use methods like bait set and positive sets for ground hog removal. Using specialized traps to trick groundhogs is important because they are naturally wary of non-disguised traps.

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After removal, Creature Control will recommend a long term repair to keep groundhogs and other burrowing mammals out for good.

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