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Top-Rated Muskrat Removal in Michigan

Throughout Michigan, muskrats are found in lakes, ponds, marshes, rivers, streams, and drainage ditches. Muskrats burrow to create dens in riverbanks. When stepped on or driven over, these tunnels cause the bank’s ground to erode and cave in. At worst, muskrats can create property devastation and flooding issues. This makes them a nuisance when they choose to settle near humans.

If you need local wildlife removal or pest control services, don’t hesitate to contact Creature Control. We provide top-rated humane muskrat trapping and removal services. Our wildlife technicians are experienced with all types of wildlife and provide safe and effective solutions for wild animal control.

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When Muskrats Make Trouble

As a semi-aquatic rodent, muskrats are found in or near lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. Although muskrats are generally vegetarians, in ponds with little vegetation, they will also eat other aquatic life. They will also venture onto the ground to eat fresh growth on shrubs or terrorize nearby gardens.

Their burrowing leads to the destruction of riverbanks and other landscaping along waterways. The tunnels have little overhead support and are very likely to collapse when stepped on or driven over, resulting in injuries and vehicle damage. Muskrats can undermine banks and cause the surrounding land to deteriorate, causing drainage and flooding issues, and expensive property damage.

Our Muskrat Removal Process

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Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to determine the size of the local muskrat population and evaluate how their presence should be addressed.

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Muskrat trapping is a challenging procedure requiring thorough inspections with specialized equipment on land or in the water. Creature Control has excellent results with this method.

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Muskrat prevention may require environmental changes. Changing the food source and local bodies of water will make the habitat less appealing to muskrats and help prevent recurring problems.

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