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Humane Wildlife Control and Removal in Michigan

Creature Control knows that when animals and pests have taken up residence in your house or place of business, destruction will inevitably follow. We provide a wide range of services to combat and remediate wildlife behavior.

Our services prioritize accurate diagnosis, humane methods, and preventing recurrent animal issues. We ensure that all of our treatments are personalized for your specific circumstances. For prevention, cleanup, and restoration, your most trusted professional wildlife control service is Creature Control. Contact us for superior wildlife removal, pest control and rodent control.

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Our Suite of Services

Once animals have brought havoc to a property, Creature Control provides the vital services to reduce their presence and restore the quality of your home or business. Contact us today for professional wildlife control services in Michigan.

Animal Clean Up

We provide services for the removal of animal droppings and residue, including disinfecting your residence. This is a very detailed process for animal contamination which requires proper equipment and experience to avoid health hazards. We use a negative air pressure system to expel odors, and we’re experts in neutralizing pheromones to keep animals from returning.

Destroyed Wood Inspections

In the case of wood damage, a wildlife technician conducts this inspection to determine the cause. Termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants are the most common pests capable of wood damage but our experts know how to identify multiple culprits, and prevent their return. We can also help with the reports that are sometimes required for VA mortgages, financing, and other home processes.

Carcass Removal

It’s not uncommon for animals to retreat into residential homes to die. Proper carcass removal requires locating the animal, appropriate disposal, and thorough cleaning after. There are laws surrounding proper carcass removal for some animals, so it’s important to work with an experienced professional to address your situation.

Dangers and Risks of Wildlife

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Property Damage

Many animals can cause distressing damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Carpenter bees can create wood damage to the walls of your home, and a groundhog can compromise the stability of your property’s very foundation. Preventing these issues is always better than paying for the repair, and Creature Control can help with expert animal exclusion techniques.

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Health Risks

When wildlife comes inside, they carry many pests, bacteria, and diseases. Their urine and feces can contaminate areas to the point where you will require professional cleaning services. Controlling the presence of wildlife in your home ensures your family and guests stay healthy.

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Safety Risks

Animals like opossums and raccoons are known to lash out when threatened. They may bite or scratch humans with little to no warning. Skunks can famously shoot targeted, smelly sprays at humans and pets, ruining your day and stinking up an area. Protect your family, home, and pets by choosing professional pest control service with Creature Control.

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