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Top-Rated Raccoon Control in Michigan

Raccoons are notorious for being destructive and mischievous. There is a huge population of raccoons, and they are extremely common pests in Michigan residential homes. They have been known to climb into garbage cans, stow away in attics, and raid cupboards even while owners are home.

Getting professional wildlife removal services will ensure your safety when dealing with raccoons. The wildlife technicians at Creature Control utilize humane, safe, and effective methods for wildlife control. Call us today for contract-free, satisfaction-guaranteed pest control, rodent control, and wildlife removal.

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Dangers & Risks of Raccoons

The effects of habitat loss in the United States have demonstrated an influx of wildlife populations in human neighborhoods. As a result, homeowners are experiencing more issues with raccoon disturbances. They often discover them in attics, crawlspaces and chimneys.

When allowed to remain in residential areas, raccoons can be very destructive. They have been known to destroy pipes, ductwork, and drywall. Raccoons are a common carrier of rabies and other diseases. Their presence also invites several other pests to enter the home. Working with a professional wildlife technician is important to safely remove them from your home and prevent their return.

Our Defense Against Raccoons

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During our inspection, we will look for signs such as footprints and droppings around the interior/exterior of the home. There might also be evidence of tampered-with food products and garbage.

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Our professional trapping methods include point-of-entry exclusion trapping to quickly resolve your raccoon issues and avoid capture of non target animals. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to outsmart even the smartest of raccoons and can handle most any situation.

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Our technicians seal all entrances/exits in your home to prevent future raccoon issues. We might also recommend environmental changes that cut off raccoon food and shelter sources.

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