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Humane Skunk Removal in Michigan

Smelling a skunk now and then is normal but a skunk den on your property can lead to trouble. Skunks dig in lawns to find grubs and destroy the landscaping, and the love to eat insects, vegetation, and food scraps from human residences, causing a real mess. At worst, skunks can be dangerous to humans and pets. They’re known to spray and bite if provoked.

Working with professional wildlife control services is always recommended when dealing with a skunk on your property. For fast, safe, and affordable wildlife removal, call Creature Control. Our wildlife technicians are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and using sustainable methods for pest control services.

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Damage Caused by Skunks

Skunks have a bad habit of digging up lawns and rooting through unsecured garbage. This can cause damage to landscapes and be a source of constant bother. Skunks often roam in areas where household pets also frequent and the result of one meeting a dog or cat stinks!

In addition to the unwelcomed noxious odor, skunks like many other small mammals in Michigan can be carriers of diseases. While they may look cute, skunks also have very sharp teeth and claws which can cause injury or illness.

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Our Strategy Against Skunks

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Live trapping and removal is the safest and most humane way to remove skunks. Our technicians will locate the skunk den and utilize effective trapping techniques to ensure complete removal.

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Creature Control offers in-house point of entry repair and supplemental barriers, such as buried digging defenses, which can prevent skunks from making your home theirs.

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Environmental changes to a property are the best tool for the prevention of skunks. Our technicians may also recommend various tactics to limit the local population of skunks.

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