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Squirrel peeking out from the gutter edge on the roof

Superior Squirrel Removal in Michigan

Squirrels and chipmunks are numerous everywhere in the United States. They often make nests near residential areas and it’s not uncommon for squirrels to attempt to make nests inside homes.

Squirrels are fast, limber and capable of damage if allowed to remain inside a residence. They make nests, leave waste, and cause damage to the interior of your home or business. Removing one squirrel from a house will do little to solve the issue. Only a professional can safely remove all squirrels and ensure they can’t get back in. Call Creature Control for expert, and trustworthy wildlife removal, rodent control, and pest control services.

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a squirrel sitting on top of a roof

Cute but Troublesome

Squirrels have large sharp teeth that can chew through thick materials. We’ve discovered chewed-up wires, gnawed furniture, and mashed drywall. A chewed-up wire can result in an electrical fire, and squirrels also carry several bacteria and diseases, not to mention the contamination from their urine and feces.

Signs of a squirrel problem also include the sound of little feet running around above your head and evidence of tampered-with food products. If you suspect you have a squirrel issue, don’t wait—call Creature Control to provide humane, effective removal and exclusion services for all types of squirrels.

Our Strategy For Squirrels

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We will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior of a client’s home. We focus on finding entrances and exits. We also look out for signs of other pests squirrels might have attracted.

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Squirrels are extremely persistent in returning to a residence. Our point-of-entry exclusion process will ensure that all entrances are completely sealed up. Our one-way trapping allows for humane catch and release.

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Once we seal off points of entry and repair squirrel damages, we may recommend some environmental changes to the property. Removing vegetation and food sources will reduce the existing local squirrel population.

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